On this page I’ll be showcasing the various websites that I’ve completed over the years. I mostly do websites for charities; I find that it’s a fascinating process getting to understand how a charity works and figuring out how to best represent that on a webpage, and it’s a great feeling to know that you’re contributing something that’s really going to help an organisation that helps others.

At the moment I’m often subcontracting for Fit Well and Connected, who help to set up charities with Lottery grants for IT equipment and services (such as websites!).

39 Youth Club

Bognor Regis, West Sussex

Image of the 39 Club website homepage

39 Youth Club is a group for teenagers that meets near Hotham Park in Bognor Regis. I decided to challenge myself and do a slanted design as you can see! This was partially to reflect the printed materials that already existed for the club. It seemed to work well! As usual, I set things up so that the client can edit the site as they need to and it’s designed to be fully flexible for mobile.

Image of the 39 Club website About Us page

Ferring Baptist Church

Ferring, West Sussex

Image of the Ferring Baptist Church website homepage

Ferring Baptist Church is a church in the village of Ferring, unsurprisingly! I was actually a member here for some time and I did their previous website for them quite some time ago. We decided it was time for an upgrade (and for them to be able to edit it themselves as I’m moving out of the village) and so I made this for them! It’s serving them well so far.

Image of the Ferring Baptist Church website About Us page

Arun Sunshine Group

Littlehampton, West Sussex

Image of the Arun Sunshine Group website homepage

Arun Sunshine Group is a charity that provides regular activity for adults with various special needs, and so we wanted to go for a colourful and fun but not too childish design for the website. It was also vital to include their logo, and so I did my best to incorporate it into the design. Photographs also needed to be included extensively to illustrate the charity’s various activities. Thankfully various folk in the charity are avid photographers, so there was no shortage!

This was another website where they needed to be able to edit it themselves, and so once again I included a Content Management System for them and trained them in how to use it. There were a few new challenges with this one, such as figuring out how to let them post their own video content to a page and to make various “blog” style posts to illustrate their latest outings and news. It all worked out well though!

The New Montessori Pre-school

Tarring, Worthing

Screenshot of The New Montessori Pre-school website

With The New Montessori Pre-school website I attempted a colourful playful design with clear and readable typography and plenty of good photography. Thankfully a professional photographer (Charlie Chant) had worked with them earlier in the year, and she captured some excellent photos.

I kept to a consistent colour scheme throughout the site and tried to break up and arrange the content logically for the viewer (there was plenty of it, much of it in PDFs sent to me by the client!). I was pleased with the flexible navigation; throughout the project I concentrated on keeping the design consistent across different screen sizes.

This was also the first site where I implemented a Content Management System, allowing them to edit the website themselves. Training in how to use it was included!

St. Andrew’s Church, Ferring

Ferring, nr. Worthing

Screenshot of St. Andrew's Church website

This was a local job that I did for a church just round the corner from my home! It was a pleasure to help them realise a more modern website, after years of relying on a perfectly serviceable but outdated design that didn’t function well on mobile devices. The flexible mobile design of this site functioned particularly well, managing to keep the website looking presentable and fast.

The Abbeyfield Ferring Society

No longer active
Ferring, nr. Worthing

I did this project as part of my e-Communications BA, and was the first of its size that I had attempted. It was also the first charity that I had worked with.

There were plenty of design possibilities to consider, within the confines of a design brief that was provided to them by the wider Abbeyfield organisation, influencing the colour scheme and typography. They employed a professional photographer on my advice and the results showed, allowing me to use plenty of large photos throughout the site to break up the content. The body copy of the site I mostly wrote myself, with help and advice from a member of the website subcommittee.

There were a lot of meetings and back and forth in this project, and I learnt a lot about the internal workings of a charity!

Screenshot of page content on Abbeyfield Ferring website

Screenshot of Abbeyfield Ferring Society website homepage design

The Arun Art Society

Ferring, nr. Worthing

This was another project that I did as part of my e-Communications course, and was the first website that I had done in some years, having taken a break from what was previously just a hobby for me. It was a good way to brush off my skill set and reminded me how much I enjoy web design, and introduced me to the process of working with a committee etc.

I’ve continued to help them update and maintain the site over the years and we’ve developed a good working relationship!