Getting started on a new device or figuring out how to use an old one better?

Perhaps your laptop that a kind relative got for you a few months ago is just sitting there collecting dust, or the iPad that seemed like such a good idea at the time has managed to come up with a weird warning message almost as soon as you picked it up…!

Or it might be that you use your computer/tablet occasionally to do emails and maybe look at the odd website, but feel you could do so much more with it if you just knew how or had some guidance.

Whatever your situation is, I’m sure I can help!

  • I start from whatever level that you’re at and let you decide how to learn
  • I don’t have a particular syllabus or strict teaching structure that I follow
  • We can do things at whatever pace you like, everyone learns at different speeds!
  • I’m aware of not using complicated language and how confusing/silly technology can be!

I can come to you where you are and prices for a lesson start at £15.

Got a problem with your device and need some help?

I also can come to you to fix issues that you have with your computer/tablet, or you can bring it to me (enquire for my address!) and leave it with me for a day or two while I work on it. I can fix most problems!